What Did We Expect?

What did we expect? We bemoan the decline of our society. The demise of the soul of our culture, we call it the culture wars. But there’s no war, only a full on retreat, in the face of an onslaught from the morally bankrupt, and Godless masses. I say masses but in actuality its a minority, at least it was, but that won’t last. As we continue to retreat from the woke crowd and as our society continues to give ground to the offended, and victimized, we throw away the values and morals that formed us, and gave us any reason to exist as moral and just in the first place. I’ve watched as major corporations with woke agendas have butchered the literary works of some of the most respected and revered authors, I’ve sat and listened as YouTube pundits pointed out all the bad acting and nonsensical plot points in almost all of the recent cinematography, and rightly so in most instances. But the one thing most of them miss is where it all started and why it has gotten so bad. One of my favorite sayings and one this blog is fond of pointing out is “those who don’t know history are bound to repeat it”. I submit that we not only have forgotten history, but are actively trying to erase it, along with science and rational thinking. The genesis of this can be uncovered fairly easily for those willing to admit to it. God… or more precisely the lack thereof. What did we expect? Without God there are no morals, without morals there is no moral purpose, without a moral purpose there is no just society, with no just society there is naught but anarchy, and with anarchy comes authoritarianism, and dictatorship. A society where might makes right and carnal pleasures akin to the beasts of the field reign supreme. The scripture is rife with instances wherein man has taken this road, Sodom and Gomorrah being only one of the many. Sadly I can remember not long ago that I firmly believed that America could never be like that… I was wrong. We are on the brink of that kind of madness and the only solution is God. Not church, God…. There is a major difference. The church threw God out long ago. We told him to take a back seat or better yet just step out of the car, we got it from here. So our churches have become facades, having a form of religion, but denying the power thereof. We go to church on Sunday, and maybe on Wednesday and let the pastor tell us what to think, and how to pray. Fact is I doubt many churchgoers actually pray at all, except for at meal times, and how sincere is that? I’m no saint, I fell into that category for decades, I played church all the while telling myself how spiritual I was, I could easily go there again. Its too easy to let someone else do the work. Rather dig into the word of God yourself discover God for yourself! Not some self help book or guided study no,… read God’s word! Absorb it, even if you think you don’t understand it, still read it, then read it some more. God’s word will never return void. There are countless books, by countless authors all clamoring for your attention, there is only one book written by your creator, by God, the one who spoke the universe into existence. Why are we so certain that God, who created us, fashioned us in our mother’s womb is unable to speak to us through the very book that he wrote?

R/ 1776Conservatist

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