Global Abdication

                What does the WHO/UN/WEF’s unholy union have in common with Alexander the Great?  Two words… World Domination.  We are witnessing the death of freedom and the rise of a global dystopian government.  This is literally 1984 writ large on a global scale.  This week the World Economic Forum is meeting in Davos, and The World Health Organization in Geneva, coincidence?  I think not, within the last few weeks those of us paying attention saw the United Nations joining forces with the World Economic Forum to push their 2030 agenda… You know the one with the catchy phrase “you will own nothing and be happy” yea those guys. In Davos they’re dreaming up new and trendier methods to control the populace, while in Geneva the WHO is considering the best ways to force member nations into compliance.  All the while the UN… You know the Blue helmeted “peace keeping” forces, are standing by in the wings.  None of this stuff is hidden anymore, they are openly discussing putting microchips in pills, in Davos, while they talk about changing the WHO’s constitution to allow them to intervene globally in case of a “medical emergency” rather than a pandemic in Geneva.  Meaning that it won’t matter who we put into office as they will be nothing more than figure heads with no control because we’ve ceded our sovereignty to the global elites.  I’m a vet and fought for this country, not even realizing that even as I served, our country was being undermined by the soft tyranny, the erosion of our values, and the gradual offshoring of our sovereignty, all in the name of keeping us safe, or the “it’s for the children” phrase we hear ad nauseum.  We swallowed the lies, we ingested the poison and unfortunately it is bearing monstrous fruit, the likes of which has only been speculated about in books and articles like 1984.  What can be done?  Definitely vote, especially in your local counties as they are going to likely be your last and in many cases your only earthly defense.  Prepare yourself and your families, stock up on essentials, learn to grow your own food, learn to fish and hunt.  Get to know your neighbors and have a plan.  Much like in the cold war era when we were prepping to feed our families and defend our homes from a would-be foreign invader, now that invader may well be wearing a blue helmet, or God forbid even have a United States patch on his or her arm.   I am unequivocally not condoning violence in any form, I personally believe that is something that will have to be decided on a state or county level, as anyone advocating for or conducting forceful resistance would simply be put down or jailed and give the control freaks another “nutjob” to vilify thereby scaring the masses into further compliance.  Above all pray and seek God within your own circles of influence.  In the long run God is our only true hope, no guns, or militias, or even churches will be our salvation.  Churches will turn on their parishioners, and pastors will feed their flocks to the lions, all in the name of safety, compliance, and money.  The body of Christ will be a remnant, not of the compliant cowed masses of church goers, obediently reciting the tired and closely monitored rhetoric allowed by our global masters.  But a remnant of believers earnestly delving into their Bibles, seeking in earnest and utter conviction God’s will and his salvation.  Recent upheavals in my own life have given me the gift of understanding that God is and was and is all their ever will be.  He is the only thing left to hold on to, governments will fail you and attempt to enslave you, that is their very nature.  Corporations will attempt to control you to maximize their profits.  Churches will bow to government control thanks to tax breaks, and a misguided attempt to mold people into their own images rather than God’s image and the God given freedom that our once proud and noble country was founded upon.  God however will never fail you, he’s not interested in enslaving you, and your money is nothing to him.  He only asks that you trust him, that you believe in him and give him the reigns of your life.  Now you may say that seems little different than what the Government is after, and to an extent you’d be right, I have two points that deserve consideration, however.  One: that God truly does have your best interests at heart, and he already knows what you’re going to do anyway.  And Two: God is the only one who actually has the right to ask for, even demand our loyalty and obedience.  He did create us after all, then when we deserved nothing but destruction from him, he sent his only son to live a mortal life, to suffer the same sufferings we do and more.  He then sends him to the cross to give us hope of eternal salvation in heaven and an unshakable rock to stand on in this life.  And in the coming days and years that rock will be all we have to stand on, we will have to trust God in all aspects of our lives.  It won’t be just a catchy platitude but a stark and unrelenting reality.  Is it scary?  Yea very, but I have seen God work miracles, and give us just what we need, when we needed it.  Often it wasn’t a lot, nothing too over the top like pillars of fire and such, rather it’s been little things.  A child’s turn for better health when the doctors had written him off, an eagle landing on a fence post only a stones throw away.   An assurance from my son that he’s reading God’s word every day, even though I can’t be there with him.  An old friend calling seemingly from out of the blue, just to tell us they are praying for us.  It’s the little things that get us through each and every day.  It’s the consistent hope and knowledge that no matter how hard it gets God has a purpose and already knows the final chapters.  He not only read the books of our lives, rather he wrote them and knows what he has in store for us.  Sometimes that can mean pain, sometimes joy, but in all God is.

The Conservatist

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