Why Here? Why Now?

Even before the advent of the printing press, we humans have been documenting our lives and the occurrences within them both large and small. From the hieroglyphics and the papyrus scrolls of ancient civilizations, to the digital tweets and posts of the modern era. We would be hard pressed to claim that we don’t have enough information to make informed decisions, quite the opposite. We are instead inundated with data and much of it conflicting, uncorroborated, and ill informed. Sifting through the “soup” as it were is a daunting task at best. The task I’ve set before myself is to create a site that can highlight the times and places in history that correlate closely with what we see today. History’s penchant for repeating itself in other words. Hopefully we can then discern the mistakes that were made and in turn avoid making those same mistakes in the future. If I were to stop there then this blog would be purely academic, however I realize that for any real change to occur we as a people and nation must be willing to stand for what we believe. In that vein I will also be incorporating articles pertaining to what we can do as average law abiding citizens to influence the direction of history and hopefully deter any unavoidable catastrophes clearly spelled out for us by our forefathers, and or ancestors.

So why do this? What is the impetus that is launching this site and changing the trajectory of my life? Simply put I found it frustrating that I could seemingly do nothing to stop or slow the deterioration of our country and our principles. I vote, but somehow we still manage to get politicians that are more interested in padding their pocketbooks and keeping the status quo than any true representatives of we the people. I see big money being thrown around and anymore it seems that whoever has the largest pile of cash will likely win any election. It can be quite frustrating especially after recent events like our inglorious retreat from Afghanistan, or the recent proclamations handed down from our president. I am a husband, a father, Navy veteran, farmer, and currently employed by the federal government. That employment may soon end as the recent regulation dictated by our president will eliminate my ability to continue to serve after eighteen years of service. Ergo… along with trying to get my dry-land farm to actually produce something, I’ve started this blog and my wife and I may start another one on a somewhat lighter tone in the near future.

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